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Historical Performances with
Freiburg Living History

Catharina Stadellmenin – The Witch of Freiburg

Freiburg anno domini 1599.

Join the desperate Catharina Stadellmenin, the widow of the highly regarded master of the locksmith’s guild and councilor Michael Bantzer, on her last journey to bid farewell to the familiar places and alleys of her beloved town.

She will tell you about her gruesome fate being a victim of the rampant witch-hunt and about what happened to her fellows in misery.

Bear witness ! Tell everybody that you have seen her with your own eyes – as one of yourself, free of malice, ill will and depravity.

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Freiburg in the 16th century.

Join the harlot and let her introduce you to the medieval Freiburg and the high art of love.

She knows everything about the city and the oldest profession in the world. She will share her secrets about her suitors, the hangman and other scoundrels with you.

Be assured: you will have a memorable time!

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Berthold Schwarz – Inventor of the Black Powder

Freiburg in the 14th century.

Berthold Schwarz – a myth or a true story? Find out for yourself and join the Franciscan monk on his adventureous stroll through the old part of town.

He will tell you how life is behind the convent walls, which strict rules have to be followed and which punishments await the penitent sinners. He will share the secrets of the dark arts with you and he will introduce you to the miraculous world of alchemy.

You will witness his mysterious experiments and hear how he aroused the anger and fear of his confréres discovering a dangerous mixture: the black powder!

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Freiburg Living History

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